The Kidnapping and the Brutal Torture of Osanloo’s Daughter in Law

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran report on the brutal kidnapping and torture of Zoya Samadi, the daughter in law of Mansour Osanloo, the Tehran Vahed Bus Workers Syndicate leader in Karaj. The brutal arrest has taken place at 5:30 p.m. on June 23 at Karaj metro terminal where Zoya was returning home from work. The witnesses saw Zoya being pulled by her hair from the trains by the security operatives while yelling I am the daughter in law of Osanloo. The assailants put masking tapes on Zoya’s mouth to prevent her from shouting further and then took her with them.

Three operatives took Zoya Samadi to an unknown cell location in their car putting hand cuffs, shackles, and blind folds on her and tied her down while torturing her for a long period. She was severely beaten mostly on her face and head and had her head banged to the walls repeatedly. She has suffered injuries on her gums, her teeth, bump on her head, and cuts on her arms and her right legs. She has marks all over her body due to the suffered tortures.

The intelligence operatives torturing her had shouting furiously that “you should pledge that Osanloo would not stay here and do anything if released from prison.”

After undergoing several hours of torture and physical harm, Zoya was thrown out under the Seyyed Khandan bridge in Tehran around 9:45 p.m. She was told not to make any complaints or talk to any one on this ordeal.

Zoya Samadi still after 24 hours has not been able to recover from the shock. She has been receiving threatening messages for several months by the intelligence operatives and has been called in once to the branch 14 of the revolutionary courts. The court denied having had called her in at the time. She was also beaten and escaped kidnapping in the past year.



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