Statement of the Iranian Teachers Trade Association on the Execution of the Five Compatriots including the Kurdish Teacher, Martyr Farzad Kamangar

Iranian Teachers Trade Association, a union Farzad Kamangar belonged to in Iranian Kurdistan, has published a statement on the execution of Kamangar and four other prisoners in Iran on May 9. The text of the statement, translated by Iran Labor Report, is as follows:

Enlightened Women and Men, Noble and Enlightened Nation of Iran,

The news of the execution of five of the dearest children of this land on early morning of May 9 hurt all enlightened souls the world over. Among them the pain was ever greater for the Iranian nation and the teachers of this country. The execution of these dear souls by the keepers of might and bounty has raised fears of launching a new wide-spread campaign of executions of freedom fighters and political and civic activist in our country.

Dear Nation of Iran, Enlightened Individuals and Dear Teachers,

Iranian Teachers Trade Association declares its utmost pain and sorrow on this inhumane and anti-patriotic act while four of these dear ones were our Kurdish compatriots and one of them was our colleague and enlightened and humanitarian teacher of the Kurdish villages, Farzad Kamangar. The news of his along with the four others in the mass execution by the cohorts of darkness, in total news blackout and devoid of the least of the legal formalities, with numerous problems and ambiguities in their cases, prosecution in absence of their lawyers in sham courts and carrying out numerous psychological and physical tortures during their arrests hurts all women and men of dignity and conscience from all nationalities, religions, and cultures.

Dear Compatriots,

The execution of these dear ones on the eve of the June 12 anniversary of the electoral coup by the rule of might, bounty, and ignorance, among them four Kurdish compatriots, brings in associations with the wide-spread executions of the 1980′s. In that period as well the cycle of anti-patriotic and rampant executions started in the Kurdish regions, spreading to other areas with the silence of civic institutions and parties at the time which has continued to this moment. Undoubtedly, with people’s, political, college, and civic institutions’ silence today and those of the students, this trend will continue with more strength and in more regions in the future.

Dear and Honorable Nation,

Iranian Teachers Trade Association, of whom many members are either in prisons and medieval dungeons or exile in different parts of the country, conveying its most sorrow on this shameless and flagrant act by these keepers of might, strongly condemns this inhumane and anti-patriotic act of theirs.

Dear Compatriots,

Iranian Teachers Trade Association, on behalf of all the teachers in the country, on one hand finds the martyrdom of the enlightened and brave teacher, our brother martyr Farzad Kamangar, a member of our association, a great loss for the educational system of this country of ours. On the other hand, we find him a source of pride and honor for the whole nation, especially the teachers of this land. We believe that the lesson given by martyr Farzad Kamangar to the whole nation, especially the students and the teachers, will remain indelible in history. Martyr Farzad Kamangar up to the last moments and throughout the four years ordeal, going through the harshest tortures in the dungeons of Kermanshah Dizel Abad, Karaj Gohar Dasht, and Tehran Evin prisons stayed resilient, leaving the torturers in rue of a single “Aye”. He was not even willing to ask for clemency from the supreme leader, as he believed he had not done anything wrong; hence there was no reason to ask for clemency and he believed it was the authorities who owed him apology for the numerous psychological, spiritual, and physical tortures practiced on him during his incarceration.

Dear Colleagues,

Taking inspiration from all the men and women of letter and reason including martyr Farzad Kamangar, it is undoubtedly the duty of every single one of you to put efforts ever more in enlightening and increasing the consciousness of the general public so that they will put more efforts in saving the nation. Do not stop at any effort for this. We hope that the blood spilled of martyr Farzad and all the martyrs of dignity and integrity of our country of Iran shall be a burning torch guiding us to ever higher peaks of liberty and glory for Iran and Iranians.

Iranian Teachers Trade Association, reiterating its condolences to all the nation and the families of all five martyrs of May 9, especially the enlightened and man of letter, martyr Farzad Kamangar, shares the pain and sorrow of theirs whole heartedly. We ask the creator for the highest prayers for these martyrs of dignity of Iran and hope all the political parties and civic associations, without self centeredness and egotism, with solidarity and empathy, stop at no efforts to save our dear country.

Iranian Teachers Trade Association at the end, warning the keepers of the might, asks them to act to release all the political, civic, and trade prisoners; i.e. the students, journalists, and labor activists, especially the incarcerated teachers like Abdolreza Ghanbari, who has been sentenced to death, seyyed Hashem Khastar, Rasoul Bedaghi, Abdollah Momeni, Mahmoud Beheshti Langaroudi, Ali Akbar Baghani, Mohammad Davari, Alireza Hashemi, Hossein Bastaninejad, and Ghorban Ahmadi and not put the country at peril. The continued incarceration of the arrested teachers and the security measures against teachers could lead to unforeseen consequences and lead to a situation which no one and no power shall be able to control. Iranian Teachers Trade Association warns the rulers of might, bounty, and ignorance that we hold the senseless officials responsible for the unforeseen consequences of the future events in the country and the protests by the teachers. They shall be accountable to the dignified nation of Iran.

Iranian Teachers Trade Association
May 11, 2010


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