Stike at Dena Rah Sazan

According to reports from the Free Assembly of Iranian Workers, 800 employees at Dena Rah Sazan went out on strike this monday over four months non-paid wages.

On Tuesday, February 23rd, the company chairman visited the strikers and told them that by the end of the Iranian new year this March, the company would only be able to pay the new years’ bonuses mandated by law. Yet, workers insisted on receiving full compensation – back wages as well as the bonuses – to resolve the strike.

Two weeks ago, workers staged another strike for three days, closing the main gates of the plant with heavy trucks, barring the entrance and exits, ultimately, forcing the company to pay wages from September and October.

Dena Rah Sazan is a civil engineering company located 20 Km off of Saveh provincial city.  The company is contracted to build the Hamedan – Saveh freeway.


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