Labor Activists Sentenced

According to the reports by Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers Organizations in Iran, three labor activists, Jalil Mohammadi, Alireza Asgari, and Reyhaneh Ansari received one year sentences on August 15.

Alireza Asgari was sentenced to one year with flogging. Jalil Mohammadi and Reyhaneh Ansari each received one year sentences delayed for three years. They are to report every month to security authorities.

Jalil Mohammadi was subsequently released on August 16 following two months of incarceration. Alireza Asgari is the only activist remaining in jail following the security forces raid on the organization’s sixth convention.

On a separate note, Alireza Akhavan, labor activist sentenced to one and a half year in prison, was released on August 15 along with several other prisoners. Akhavan, an activist with Workers’ Rights Defenders Association spent seven months behind bars.


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