600 Metal Works Industries Factory Workers Protest

On August 13, about 600 workers with Metal Work Industries marched to Fath Freeway closing down the freeway to Tehran. The workers were demanding eight months of back pays and 11 months of unemployment insurance payments by the management. The workers were met with Special Guard Units ending their blockade after two hours.

According to Vali Movahed, a workers’ representative, talking with Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA), the workers staged their protests following the promises of payments in a meeting with the management at Tehran Governor’s offices by August 12 and their failure to do so.

On August 14, the workers took their protest gathering to Ministry of Industries main building. According to Parvin Mohammadi representing the workers: “the ministry of Industries has made the management promise to pay the workers dues but the management now giving the excuse that the main investor has not provided the necessary funds is declining to meet any of its promises”.

The workers rally was again heavily guarded by the security and special guards forces.

According to the Free Union of Iranian Workers, following three hours of workers loud protests, deputy Industries Minister, Salehnia, and head of the Tehran Chamber of Industries provided certain promises booed down by the protesting workers. The workers representatives were eventually accepted to the ministry building for talks.

The ministry officials provided a guaranteed check from the management for February, March, and April payments to be deposited to the workers accounts on August 15.

The workers then ended their gathering at 3:30 p.m. promising to continue their protest in case the checks are not deposited the next day.

Picture courtesy of Free Union of Iranian Workers


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