Telephone Operators in Shiraz go on Strike

More than 100 telŲ«phone operators at Shiraz Telephone Information Center went on strike On July 3, protesting the working conditions and the new contracting procedures. According to Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA), on the fifth day of the strike on July 8, the workers staged a protest by the state government offices in Fars.

The new contracting company is after basing the operators’ wages according to the number of calls received by the information center; a condition which reduces the wages by 75 to 100 dollars a month according to the operators. Ali Asghar Roozegar, a member of the board of directors of Fars Communications had earlier told the paper Khabar Jonoob: “This is along rationalization of the costs and for any work you first need a contract. The new contractor is asking for a new contract in which they (the operators) are paid by the work they do and the telephone calls they answer rather than sitting at the center.”

The new general manager of the state of Fars Communications Company had told Kargar News: “different view points on the new contracts is the reason for these protests. The new contractor, based on the rules and the oversight of the Labor Office, is obliged to sign a contract with the employees. Thus, in this new scheme, the wages have not changed and only the daily wages have changed to hourly wages.”

The telephone information center employs more than 300 who are all on strike.


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