Unsafe Workplaces Take Lives

Lack of safety measures in the work place is a gripping problem for many workers in Iran. Daily accidents take lives and create major injuries for many workers across the land. The following are among the reports in a span of few days.

Twelve workers in Chaboksar Tea Processing plant were injured following an accident at the heating unit at the plant.

Following the collapse in the tunnel 3 at Negin Coal Mine in Tabas, Azim Barzegar, a 27 year old worker, lost his life. Mohammad Ghorbani, another worker at the mine, was injured following a collapse in tunnel 2.

Two workers were caught under the debris in a construction site in south Janat Abad in Tehran. One of the workers, a sixteen year old boy, lost his life.

Another sixty year old construction worker lost his life under debris in a construction site in Yaser Avenue in Tehran.

A 45 year old construction worker in Dehdasht lost his life following the fall of a steel column.

A worker at Pouyan Milk Factory in Yazd Mehriz lost his life at work because of the explosion at a steam boiler. Hossein Dehghanizadeh, 31 year old, had ten years experience at the plant while still working as a contractor.

Sadigh Ghorbani, a stone cutter with twenty years of experience, lost his life in an accident at work in Kamyaran.

According to the social security administration in the first nine months of last year, 3276 female and 14,743 male workers had been injured in their jobs. 13,972 have fully recovered, 132 have been permanently disabled, 208 partially disabled, and 648 have received compensations for loosing body parts during work.

An average of four deaths are reported due to work related injuries.


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