Khuzestan Workers Protests

On October 22, a group of workers with Ahvaz Pipe Manufacturing Company staged a protest gathering by Ahvaz Governor’s House protesting nonpayment of back wages. A number of the workers were arrested during those protests. Yet another protest gathering was held on October 29 on the same premise. The workers complained that the permanent workers had not received their back wages for the last 12 months while the contract workers had gone more than 15 months without pay. The plant is employing 450 permanent and 350 contracted workers.

Abadan Arvandan Ship Building company workers staged a protest by the Khoramshahr governor’s mansion on October 25 demanding six months of their back wages.

On October 26, Khoramshahr municipality’s Green Plant Management workers staged a protest gathering by Khoramshahr governor’s mansion gates protesting not having received two months of back wages and six months of over time and benefit dues. The workers staged sit-ins for several days.

Expelled Ahvaz Metro workers are seeking their back wages and Gameron Sanat company workers, water project contractor for Karkheh river, workers are also seeking five months of back wages.


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