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On February 12, a statement appeared on various Iranian websites, including Balatarin, which is one of the largest Persian-speaking community websites in the world, in the form of a poster.  The poster called for solidarity with the imprisoned leader of Tehran’s bus drivers union, Mansoor Osanloo, through acts of civil disobedience beginning on March 4 around Tehran’s Valiasr square.  The statement purported to be an official statement of the union (formally known as the Syndicate of Vahed Company Workers of Tehran and Environs).  Subsequently, in an article for the popular web journal Tehran Bureau, a staff member at Iran Labor Report wrote an analysis of the union statement as it had appeared on various websites.

It now appears that the poster-statement was not authentic and that the union’s leadership had not issued the statement. Moreover, the provenance of the statement is still not clear. The union had apparently not published an official disclaimer earlier due to recent disruptions with internet use in Iran.  Subsequent to this, the union has requested that the statement be public labeled as a forgery and that henceforth no reference should be made of it.

Iran Labor Report which is the voice of Iran’s beleaguered labor movement gladly honors the union’s request and removes from circulation the link to the article.

Iran Labor Report editorial board
February 15, 2010


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