Workers Punished for Protest Actions

In recent weeks, the workers who have participated in labor protest actions have faced retaliations. The following lists certain such retaliations.

17 workers at Sarab Baft in Eastern Azerbaijan were recently fired following a strike action. Sarab textile company established in 1993 faced a serious fire incident back in 1999 which created numerous problems and shut-downs. Not having received any state loans, many workers were laid off with only sixty remaining at their jobs at the plant. These workers are each owed between 16 to 19 thousand dollars.

While 25 workers complained about the conditions to the management, they were forced to retract. Another 17 who declined to back down were subsequently expelled from the factory.

In a similar situation, Tabriz Tractor Welding company workers also faced the ire of the authorities following a strike action. Two weeks after the strike, the security and intelligence operatives entered the factory compounds and arrested several of the workers. The workers faced charges such as “activities against the system”, “actions against the national security”, “receiving support from foreigners”, “disturbances against the national security”, etc. The workers spending three days in solitary confinements were released on bail pending their court appearance. They have also been temporary relieved from their duties at the plant.

75 workers at Pars Energy-Gostar Drilling and Exploration company (Pedex) who went on strike for seven days protesting nonpayment of wages were recently expelled. The workers had not received six months of back wages. Pedex is producer of Oil rigs and is a private company associated with the famed “Foundation of the Dispossessed”.


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