san Softdrink Workers Strike

According to the reports by the Free Union of Iranian Workers, on June 1, workers at Sasan Softdrink factory went on strike protesting what their leaders said was a total disregard of their demands as well as the firing of their representatives.

Workers representatives, Hossein Marzban, Hossein Allahyar, and Saeed Rostami with an average of 18 years seniority were denied entrance to the factory premise following their meeting with the management and putting forth the workers’ grievances. This measure led to work stoppage by the workers at the plant which lasted few hours into the day before the management backed down.

The workers have been denied new council elections following the end of the previous council terms. The new management has eliminated transportation services for workers, ended company lunch, and based the retirements on the last salaries without taking seniorities into consideration.

The workers held an election to choose their representatives. They formulated their demands in 22 points which they presented to the management.

Sasan Soft drink factory which had been taken over after the revolution by the “Islamic Republic Mostazafan Foundation” was subsequently privatized in 2009. The privatization was followed by firing of 600 workers in 2010. There are currently only 220 workers remaining at the plant.


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