Workers Protest Gatherings in Tehran

By April 21, Ghazvin Naznakh textile workers had spent several days protesting by the Iranian parliament buildings. The workers were owed several months of back wages and should have been covered by the retirement guidelines for working under harsh conditions. They also met with welfare and social security minister Sadegh Mahsouli.

On April 24, several Isfahan steel workers staged a protest across from the Iranian parliament to obtain back wages and benefits. On the same day, more than 800 Kian Tire workers assembled by the president’s office from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Kian Tire was closed following the new year recess starting on March 20 until April 23. During the closure, the factory was to secure funds and buy the necessary raw materials for operations. The factory was closed, so the workers assembled by the presidential offices.

Meanwhile, several workers’ representatives met with Ministry of Industries officials and reported to the workers on their meetings by 1 p.m. Workers were told by ministry officials that they will receive a month and a half back wages. The government has also approved a 28-million dollar budget to resume work at the factory. The workers are to receive a report by next week.


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