Kian Tires Labor Unrest Continues

Two weeks since the last round of strikes came to an end, labor unrest has picked up steam once again at Kian Tiers.

According to the reports by the Free Assembly of the Iranian Workers, in the two weeks since the last strike action, workers did report for work at the plant by the start of the work day and left the premises by the end of the day. With no progress forthcoming from the management, the workers called a new general assembly on October 17 to discuss their next move. Present at the assembly was the provincial chief of Chahardangeh where the factory is located. The latter alluded to the sanctions as the cause of the factory’s woes and said that permanent closure was the only option available. He also called for restraint and calm. The workers, however, insisted on their demands for jobs and back wages.

One week later, on October 23, the workers assembled by the factory offices and reached consensus on escalating their protests. The next day, protest was taken to Chahardangeh provisional authority site in addition to the factory compounds where tires were set on blaze. Signs belonging to the provisional authorities were also put down.

At the same time, the workers sent their representatives to the Ministry of Industries to meet with the officials there. At the meeting, the representatives stated: “You are boasting on not having paid workers for 17 months and keeping them hungry but we are demanding on clearing our case and receiving those back wages and if the demands of Kian Tires workers are not met, we will assemble right here by the Ministry the next day and we will take no responsibility for the consequences.”

Following the meeting, the workers were told of a 5 million dollar loan that had been secured and allocated for Kian Tires. The workers were also promised payment of the second half of their September wages with an additional forty metric tons of raw materials to be delivered to the factory.

The workers have said that they would continue with protests if the promises were not kept.


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