Osanloo, Four Others, Support Mousavi’s Referendum Call

In an open letter sent out of the notorious Rejai Shahr prison on October 8, Osanloo and four other prisoners of conscience gave their unqualified support to Green Leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi’s call of submitting the government’s policies to a plebiscite.

The four prisoners joining Osanloo were: Issa Saharkhiz (journalist and head of the government’s press section under Khatami); Rasool Badaghi (teacher and union leader); Heshmatollah Tabarzadi (political activist) and Reza Rafii Foroushani (writer, foreign correspondent).

The five prisoners stated: “At a time when the Ahmadinejad government is offending the sensibilities of other nations and other peoples and is substituting animosity for sound diplomatic behavior, we urgently call for the implementation of the constitution’s 59th and 89th articles. As such, we endorse Mr. Mir-Hossein Mousavi’s thoughtful appeal for initiating a free and democratic referendum under the people’s direct and comprehensive supervision.”

“The ruling minority’s unalloyed interest is in keeping the majority in the dark and in muddying the waters,” said the five. “It also views the people’s deputies (in the parliament) as the government’s deputies.”

“Continuing on its misguided policy of undercutting employment and production in the country, it (the government) is heading down on an adventurist path under the banner of the nuclear policy.” They added: “At a time when the Iranian nation is confronted with the specters of mass poverty, hunger, prostitution, bloodshed and war, it is left out of all decision-making in matters small and large.”

Deploring that security-military organs do not tolerate “the minutest criticism made by well-meaning individuals and experts” and “respond with the harshest and most punitive measures imaginable”, they welcomed the proposed referendum with open arms. “Popular oversight and the supervision of international bodies over the veracity of the referendum’s results is both necessary and essential. Such supervision could have prevented the waves of mass repression, detention and torture of sons and daughters of this nation following last year’s presidential election.”


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