Four Labor Street Rallies

On October 10, four different labor disputes were taken to the streets of Tehran. In one instance, about 100 Ghazvin Naznakh textile workers held a rally across the presidential palace at Pasteur street. The factory shut down last March has left the workers without their due payments. The workers were demanding those back wages and the issue of plant closure.

Meanwhile, about 70 Ghazvin Poushinebaft workers held a rally at the same location calling for job security and their retirement benefits. This was the forth rally by Poushinehbaft workers in the last six months. One banner at the rally read “We have not received our wages in 11 months”.

Separately, about 20 Karoun Paper factory workers gathered across the parliament building. The area adjacent to the parliament was also the scene of a protest by about 500 part-time teachers demanding an acknowledgment of their occupational status.


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