The Message of the Iranian Teachers Trade Association on the Occasion of the Teachers Day

On October 5, the international teachers’ day, the Iranian Teachers Trade Association has issued a communique. In this communique, the teachers’ association has regretted being active in a setting where “the education opportunities are not based on equality of the individuals but on the social and economic rank and class; an education system where the pivotal role of the teacher is ignored and the teachers are positioned at the bottom of a pyramid while the bureaucrats are constantly in transition at the top and the middle.”

The teachers’ association continues: “We also deplore an educational environment where textbooks are increasingly fed with ideological and political indoctrinations of a certain viewpoint and where the child’s mind is deprived of developing any critical and scientific outlooks.”

The communique further points to administrative shortcomings and instabilities, low budgets and lack of long-term planning as factors which beleaguer the educational system and result in failure to prepare the youngsters’ mind for life after graduation. The association regretted the falling standards in education as well as the stifling atmosphere plaguing the schools.

The communique also noted: “Obviously clamping down on the critical trade associations and jailing of protesting teachers is not a remedy for the ills of the system. Further, the continued incarceration of concerned teachers such as Rasoul Bodaghi, Hashem Khaksar, Mohammad Davari, Abdollah Momeni, and others, on a day named after teachers the world over is a blot on the society at a time when teachers are reeling from life’s burdens and job insecurity.”

The teachers association gave a set of recommendations to the education ministry on issues related to written but not implemented regulations. They concluded their statement by saying “genuine improvement in education forms around the pivotal role teachers play, everything else is secondary.”


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