Strike at Kian Tires

According to the reports by the Free Assembly of Iranian Workers, on October 2, workers at Kian Tires stopped work and went on a strike protesting issues back wages. On October 3, the protest continued with the workers refusing to eat at the factory cafeteria. The management met with the workers representatives in the afternoon giving them various promises. They then asked the workers to return to work. (The promises were combined with threats angering the workers.) According to the report, one of the workers shouted “what is a worker asking but his dues and rights? We have lots of problems here, we can’t continue living like this”. He then fainted from upset the agitation. This perturbed the other workers who shoved and pushed the management out of the compound in anger and frustration.

On October 4, the workers called a general meeting and elected representatives to meet with the Tehran Province Council for Security.

The authorities presented the workers with three stark choices: accept the unemployment benefits within three months; accept the complete closure of the factory; and accept the existing conditions. They were also promised half of their September salaries, past due insurance benefits and the delivery of 45 metric tons of raw materials for the continuation of the factory operations.
On October 5, the promised September salaries were paid while the workers called in a second general meeting to discuss the offers on hand. They decided to continue the strike until the promised insurance dues and delivery of the 45 tons of raw materials materialized.

Kian Tires workers were asking for the payment of four months’ past wages from the previous Iranian calendar year commencing in March along with the September dues as well as the renewal of their health insurance registration cards. The workers had claimed that the management, being negligent on securing supplies of the raw materials was bent on closing the plant.



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