Bus Drivers Union Condemns Repression against its Leaders

Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Bus Workers Syndicate has released a statement concerning its incarcerated board members. The translation provided by ILR reads as follows:
Reza Shahabi, a member of the board of directors of Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Bus Workers Syndicate, who has been arrested on June 12, 2010 has been in limbo at Evin prison for more than three months. This member of the board of the Vahed Syndicate, suffering from back and neck pain, is only in contact with his family through brief phone conversations on Sundays and in separated-by-window visits on Thursdays.

We also have been informed that an (additional) one-year sentence against Mansour Osaloo on charges of “propaganda against the system” imposed by a lower court, has not been appealed within the allotted twenty days, and has been finalized at Tehran’s superior court. Osaloo who had been convicted to a five year jail sentence for trade union activities in 2005 must now stay in prison for six years with this new sentence.

Moreover, Ebrahim Maddadi, another member of the board of directors of the Syndicate, having already spent more than two years of his 3.5 year sentence for trade union activities, is still in Evin prison and denied temporary release breaks.

Vahed Bus Workers Syndicate condemns the continued incarceration of Reza Shahabi and Ebrahim Maddadi and objects to the additional jail sentence for Mansour Osaloo. The union asks for the release of all the jailed labor activists.

Wishing an extension of peace and justice to every corner of the world;

Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Bus Workers Syndicate

September 2010


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