A Letter to President Lula da Silva by a Number of Iranian Political Prisoners in Rejai-Shahr Prison

On August 23, a number of the political prisoners at Rejai shahr prison in Karaj have released the text of a letter to the president Lula da Silva of Brazil. The letter is written in both Persian and English. The text of the English letter with minor changes is presented below by Iran Labor Report.

To the kind attention of His Excellency Mr. Lula Da Silva, The Honorable President of Brazil

Below signatories, unionist and members of labor syndicates of Iran, who are in prison due to their mobilization and activities in defense of labor rights and demand for better working conditions, send the Brazilian nation and your kind self their deepest regards .

We are aware and proud of your past activities and struggle for the improvement of the rights of the Brazilian masses, especially advancement of labor rights and conditions. Your activities as the leader of the shoe makers syndicate, in coordination with other Brazilian workers federations in support of the universal human rights declaration and international workers rights, are widespread knowledge within the Iranian workers syndications, for the oppressed labor movement in Iran.

We have recently learned that your excellency has taken a moral and humane step to save an Iranian mother on the death row. This gesture has touched millions of Iranian men and women, and once again has made the Iranian unionists very proud of you.

As a friend of the Iranian nation and the government of Iran, you are able and capable to exert pressure on the Iranian officials to either forgive the Iranian death row mother, or to accept your offer of political asylum for her.

On the other hand, many more Iranian prisoners, who are innocent labor activists, union and syndicate members, are serving time in Iranian prisons. Their only crime is their desire to strengthen the union movement in Iran in support of justice for labor.

They, as well, look upon you to use your influence to free them from prison.

These prisoners are members of the international labor organization and other international organization such as WFTU and ITUC, human rights activitists and journalists; members of the International Federation of Journalists and Reporters Without Borders, teachers belonging to the International Education and Teachers Federation, and members of International Transportation Federation.

The signatories of the open letter, who are spending unjust prison terms, look upon your solidarity and sincere efforts towards their release.

Last but not least, we request from you to kindly give our heartfelt warm regards to the hard working people of Brazil and we hope that the solidarity between our two nations shall serve the interests of global peace and prosperity for all.

Long live global peace, freedom, justice and democracy

A list of the prisoners supporting this letter includes:

M. Osanloo, Member of IFT
H. Tabarzadi, Member of IDF
R. Bodaghi, Member of IEO
R. Rafie, Member of IJF
E. SaharKhiz, Member of IJF


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