Shahabi Complains of Ailments in his Visit with the Family

According to a report by the Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Reza Shahabi, the Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Bus Workers Syndicate secretary treasurer, was allowed a visit with his family on August 19. Shahabi in the short visit was able to meet with his wife Robabeh, his daughter Shireen, and his younger brother Hassan at the Tehran Evin prison.

According to one of the visitors, Shahabi has been markedly weakened and had complained about extreme pain in his neck and back. He has also talked about new digestive problems. He was seen to be under extreme psychological duress.

Five days prior to his arrest on June 13, Reza Shahabi had gone under Radiography and Electromyography due to accute pain in his back and the neck areas.


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