More Pressure on the Osanloo Family

According to Mansour Osanloo’s wife, Parvaneh, their young son has been summoned to the court branch number 1027. He once was arrested on June 22 of the last year and held for 18 days. He was released subsequently with no need for further action on his case. According to Parvaneh, their son had just come out of a surgery on his skull at the time and was still resting. He had gone out for shopping when the street unrests had subsided.

Accordin to Parvaneh, these measures are along steps to put increased pressures on Mansour Osanoloo and his family. Their daughter in law, Zoya, was recently subjected to kidnapping and severe beating which led to her miscarriage. There have been reports from ILO that the the Iranian judicieary has accepted to release Mansour Osanloo, the leader of Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Bus Workers Syndicate who has been held in prison for the last four years. The abductors of Zoya had asked her to sign a paper pledging that Osanloo will refrain from any activities following his release and would leave the country along with his family.

The pressures on the family are seen seen to be along these lines.


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